Z-Country Paradise
Z-Country Paradise (CD)

2017 - WismART - zpr1


zpr1 :: Z-Country Paradise :: Z-Country Paradise (CD)


  1. Two   12:28
  2. My Little Lovelies   9:48
  3. Seasons In Hell   12:51
  4. Clear Monday   8:08
  5. Clouds Gathering   6:04
  6. Memories   15:07
  7. Success   4:53

Jelena Kuljić (voice), Frank Gratkowski (alto sax, bass clarinet, composition), Kalle Kalima (guitar), Oliver Potratz (electric bass), Christian Marien (drums)

CD produced by Frank Gratkowski & Wolfgang Stach, CD no. zpr1, Total Time 69:23

Z-Country Paradise – who are these people?
- The man behind the madness – Frank Gratkowski. His weapons of choice – sax and clarinet, honed to a cutting edge by the music of Evan Parker, Anthony Braxton, and Steve Lacy, and now slashing his way through Europe’s New Music scene.
- Serbian Jelena Kuljić, actress-singer singer-actress extraordinaire, partook in the pathos of Wozzeck and Lulu. Jelena chose the poems – their dark hallucinatory beauty, subtle foreboding, and caustic humor fodder for the quintet’s creative appetites.
- Finnish guitarist Kalle Kalima – intrigues with Tomasz Stanko, Marc Ducret, Linda Sharrock – the perfect accomplice.
- Bassist Oliver Potratz – already a partner with Kalle Kalima – Kalle’s band Klima Kalima received the New German Jazz Award. Plays in, out, whatever it takes.
- Drummer Christian Marien, his roots in rock, now extends into the deepest recesses of the flourishing Berlin improvisational scene. Keeps the band’s foundation rock-solid.